Paint Booth Fire Suppression

Design and Installation of Systems to Meet Your Needs and Hazards!

3S Incorporated is a leader in the marketplace for installing fire suppression systems designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. With 30 years in the industrial fire suppression business, we have seen many different applications and hazards that require a fire detection or suppression system. From day one, 3S has been a leader in the design and installation of electrostatic paint booth fire suppression systems. Tom Euson, vice president of 3S, is the current NFPA 33 and 34 chair person. Our systems are protecting paint booths at BMW, Caterpillar, Ford, GM, Honda, Kenworth, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Paccar, Peterbilt, Toyota, Tesla, Volvo, Tier 1 plastic suppliers, and others. 3S has the know-how and product lineup to protect your paint booth or finishing spray system.

3S-Incorporated: Special Hazard Fire Protection Experts

Painting with flammable liquids or water-borne paints when sprayed electrostatically is dangerous and the fires can be catastrophic. Electrostatic spraying charges the atomized paint particles up to 100,000 volts, which creates a significant arc potential. A fast-acting fire detection and suppression system is crucial to controlling the spread of a fire. A paint booth is generally designed to confine the vapors, spray, and residue to a limited area. Atomized paint, plastic paint lines, solvent, and paint residue are all potential fuels for a paint booth fire.

Paint Booth Fire Suppression Design

At 3S Incorporated, we will use the latest fire detection and suppression technology to design a system for your unique application. Our suppression systems will address not only the paint booth, but will also address hazardous areas such as paint mix or flammable liquid storage rooms.

Our Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems Address these Applications:

  • Paint spray booths for products of various sizes
  • Electrostatic vehicle paint spray booths
  • Dip and finishing tanks
  • Paint/flammable liquid storage
  • Mix rooms

Fire Protection That Meets Fire Codes

3S works with customers to design a fire detection and fire suppression system that meets their requirements and meets local, state, and federal codes. We design, install, service, and inspect systems from water mist suppression to dry chemical fire systems. The systems are all designed for automatic or manual activation to protect your facilities 24 hours a day.

Inspection & Service

3S Incorporated can provide inspections, service and repair for your paint booth fire suppression systems. Our team will conduct inspections in accordance with NFPA standards and local fire code. We are available 24 hours a day for emergency fire protection service. If something goes wrong with your paint booth fire suppression system, give us a call and we will help solve the issue.

Paint Booth Fire Suppression Cost Estimates

Paint booth fire suppression system pricing varies on the size and applications of the customer. Currently, 3S Incorporated works with companies across the United States and Worldwide. View some of our projects in the automotive marketplace. Contact 3S today to discuss your requirements and let us work with you to develop a system that meets your specific needs.

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