Foam Fire Suppression Systems

Foam is a highly effective fire suppressant that can be used in a variety of circumstances. The two commonly installed types of foam suppression systems installed are low expansion and high expansion. Both of these systems spread foam throughout an area to coat whatever is in the vicinity to both suppress the fire and also protect everything else from starting on fire. Fire suppressing foam was engineered and invented by Russian engineer and chemist Aleksandr Loran to combat the oil fires that they were dealing with in the early 1900s in Russia. The tests they put the foam through were successful and he patented the invention and created the first fire extinguisher with foam as its suppressant in the year 1904.

Low Expansion vs. High Expansion Fire Suppression Systems

Low expansion fire suppression systems are best used when they have to coat a substance or quickly cover an area. This type of foam works best on oil and chemical spills where water would be dangerous to use. This type of foam system has a bubble expansion ratio of less than 20 to 1. High or medium expansion fire suppression systems are best used when an enclosed room needs to be filled with foam to suppress a rapidly developing fire. This foam has expansion rates from 20 to 1 up to 1000 to 1. This type of system can be used in an airport hangar or any small or large enclosed room that foam would be the best possible suppressant available.

Aircraft Hangar Foam Fire Suppression

Foam is a common fire suppressant used in aircraft hangars because of its ability to expand and blanket flammable fuel to prevent it from combusting. Hangars require a fire suppression system that will work around obstructions created by large planes and protect against highly flammable fuel. Foam effectively suppresses fires in aircraft hangars through cooling the flame, suppressing vapors, and smothering.

Different Types of Foam for Fire Suppression Systems

There are two main types of foam which are Class A foams and Class B foams. Class A foams are used for Class A fires like structural fires. Class B foams are used for flammable liquids and the like. Class B foams have two major subtypes which are synthetic-based and protein-based foam systems. Depending on your specific need, a fire protection specialist will help you decide which type of foam will work best for what you are protecting.

Highlighted Foam Fire Suppression Projects:

Check out this project completed by 3S Inc for an example of an application where foam fire suppression systems can be used.

3S Inc is the Leader in The Industrial Marketplace for Fire Suppression Systems

3S Incorporated is a full-service fire protection company based out of Ohio. With offices in Ohio, Indian, and Mexico, we have been installing foam fire suppression systems since 1987 across the United States and worldwide. Our NICET certified technicians will work with you to determine the proper foam suppression system and what type of foam would be best that would meet your specific needs. Since 3S Incorporated has specialized in the industrial marketplace, we are the experts in fire suppression for all special hazard materials or applications!

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