Data Center Fire Suppression Systems

Protection for Your Data and Valuable Equipment

As experts in the industrial fire protection marketplace, 3S Incorporated has extensive knowledge of the hazards affecting data centers and the best way to protect them from fires. One of the worst things that could happen to your data center is a fire. Fires in data centers can lead you to lose very important data as well as destroy expensive server equipment, hardware, and infrastructure. Data centers are at the heart of many business operations and fires in them can cause significant disruption.

Equipment in data centers run 24/7 and have the potential to overheat and cause fires if they are not properly managed. Electrical issues, dust build up, and failing or damaged wires, cables, hardware, or HVAC equipment are all potential fire hazards.

It is critical that data centers are protected with well designed fire suppression systems to protect them from the dangers of fire. Traditional fire sprinkler systems are not suitable for these applications as dirty sprinkler water can ruin servers and other valuable equipment. Data centers need a fast-reacting fire suppression system that will control or suppress the fire quickly before it has the chance to spread and ruin equipment or destroy data.

Types of Fire Protection Systems for Data Centers

The team at 3S Incorporated designs and installs fire protection systems for data centers. Some of the systems we provide include:

  • Clean Agent Systems – Clean agent systems are suitable for data centers because they are environmentally friendly, electrically non-conductive, and leave behind no residue upon discharge. These systems will not cause damage to the valuable equipment in data centers. Some clean agents we utilize include 3M™ Novec™ 1230, Ansul INERGEN®, FM-200, Fike Proinert, and ECARO-25®.
  • Water Mist Systems – Water mist systems are more effective than traditional sprinkler systems for data center fire protection because of they utilize significantly less water. . The fine clean water droplets produced by water mist systems vaporize, cooling the fire and stopping the spread, while causing minimal water damage.
  • Detection Systems – Detection systems are critical for data centers as they can detect a fire in its incipient stage and activate the suppression system, controlling the fire before it can ever cause damage to equipment. 3S Incorporated can provide traditional spot type and VESDA aspirating smoke detection for data centers.

Highlighted Data Center Projects

3S Incorporated has provided fire suppression systems for a variety of data centers. Check out some of the data center projects we have completed.

3S Incorporated designs, installs, and services special hazard fire suppression systems in industrial applications. If you are interested in learning more about the fire suppression systems we provide for data centers, contact us today!