Pre-Action Fire Protection System

A pre-action fire protection system is a type of fire protection system that involves two steps prior to water being dispersed onto the fire. It starts as a dry system where the pipes are clear, or in certain cases, filled with nitrogen or pressurized with air. The first action is for a fire detection system to detect the fire and send a signal to the pre-action valve which will open and flood the system. The second step is for each individual sprinkler head to detect the fire and then the sprinkler head will then begin to disperse the water from that individual head. If the fire is spreading, the other sprinkler heads along the fire protection system will then become activated and they will also begin to disperse the water to help extinguish the flame.

Pre-Action Fire Protection Systems Protect Your Valuable and Sensitive Assets

Pre-action fire protection systems are used most often in museums, art exhibits, data centers and the like where accidental activation could cause significant damage to the assets being protected. This way, two events of fire detection must occur prior to the sprinkler system dispersing water to extinguish the flames. Benefits of having compressed air or nitrogen in the system is it allows your control system to detect if there are leaks in your piping. That way if there are leaks or damaged heads, you will be notified and you will be able to fix them prior to an event happening with some of the assets getting accidentally damaged in a non-affected area.

Highlighted Pre-Action Fire Protection Projects:

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