Power Station Fire Protection Projects

3S Incorporated provides plant wide fire protection systems and mass notification systems for Power Plants. From control and electrical rooms to fuel supply lines and valves, we have a system for each hazard, providing detection and suppression systems with notification.

Power plants, gas turbines, or hydroelectric dams all have high risks of campus wide fires. From electrical rooms to coal hoppers, each of these hazards require a different type of system to quickly detect and suppress a fire to limit damage and down time. 3S has installed multiple systems for different plants across the country and outside the United States.

Some of the fire protection systems we have installed in power plants include:

3S Incorporated takes pride in handling the difficult jobs and helping protect highly hazardous areas. We understand the demands of your market and the importance of having the correct systems in place in case an emergency occurs.

View our power plant projects below to learn more about our experience: