Fire Protection for Gas Turbines, Compressors, Generators

3S Incorporated provides fire suppression systems for special hazard applications within industrial facilities. We have over 30 years of experience designing, installing, and servicing suppression, mass notification, and detection systems for both individual industrial applications and across entire facilities and campuses.

Installing systems for natural gas turbine facilities is one of the many types of industrial applications we bring innovation to. Our work at natural gas turbine facilities involves a number of fire suppression systems and services depending upon the needs of our customers.

Typically, our engineering team will conduct a site visit to understand the scope of the project. With an understanding of the facility layout and functionality of each area, we create a custom system for the site. We can include everything from detection to mass notification systems.

Fire Systems for Gas Turbine Facilities:

  • Mass Notification Systems: A way to communicate quickly and effectively to personnel within a space of an emergency situation. The mass notification systems can provide automatic messaging based on your needs. They offer automatic voice, manual voice, text messaging, phone calls, emails, graphic board messaging, and more.
  • Clean Agent Systems: These systems are used for control rooms and data centers within the facility. Clean Agent Systems provide fast reactions with no residue and limit damage to equipment in these spaces, allowing systems to get back online quickly after an emergency.
  • Water Mist Systems: A water mist system is used for the turbine generators and machinery spaces. This system is safe to use when people are present and will quickly lower the fire temperature to limit spread and re-ignition.
  • CO2 Fire Suppression Systems: A CO2 system can also be used for turbine generators. There is no clean up with a CO2 system as it is using carbon dioxide to put out of the fire.
  • Detection Systems: Aspirating smoke detection would be used to quickly detect fires in the control and electrical rooms. Combustible gas detectors are installed throughout the facility to help with the early detection of a leak. With early detection, the spread of a fire can be limited, minimizing damage and downtime for your facility.

Highlighted Gas Turbine Projects

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