Empire Riverton

Empire Riverton

Empire Riverton Plant Wide Deluge Fire Suppression System

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

Hazard: Campus fire alarm, control room, electrical rooms, transformers and combustion turbine

Detection: Heat and smoke

Suppression: Deluge Fire Suppression System and Plant Wide Fire Alarm System

3S Incorporated worked with Empire District Electric Company to design and install a plant wide fire alarm system controlling a deluge system. The deluge suppression system is equipped with an integrated heat and smoke detection system to help detect and suppress a fire quickly. The detection system and sprinkler heads are close to one another in this system for more effective suppression in the case of a fire. These types of systems are for high hazard areas such as power plants and have the urgency to limit the spreading of a fire quickly because of the ability of the deluge system to distribute water over a large area at a high velocity.

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