Marioff & Vortex Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

Victaulic Vortex and Marioff Hi Fog water mist suppression systems are innovative fire suppression systems that are used on equipment or facilities with contents that can be destroyed or ruined by extensive water damage. The Victaulic Vortex ™ system extinguishes a fire by the combination of oxygen deprivation and heat absorption with minimal water usage with the use of nitrogen and speed.

A water mist system uses very fine water spray that controls, suppresses and extinguishes fires using 1 gallon of water per minute in a total flooding situation. This system works for multiple industrial and commercial applications or industry coined, special hazard equipment or facilities. 3S has installed systems for generator rooms, electrical rooms, pickling lines and exhaust ducts. Victaulic Vortex and Marioff Hi Fog and water deluge suppression systems are great for automotive paint booth, power station, turbines and battery storage. At 3S we strive to bring innovation to our customers and the distributors we partner with. We have also applied these water mist systems in some applications within the food industry!

Benefits of Using Water Mist Fire Suppression:

  • Minimize water damage
  • No toxic residue
  • Immediate activation
  • Environmentally safe
  • No costly cleanup or equipment replacement
  • Quick system recharge with minimal downtime
  • Efficient at suppressing a wide variety of fires
  • It is a safe alternative to total flood CO2 systems
  • More water efficient than traditional sprinkler systems

Industries & Applications of a Vortex Water Mist Fire System:

  • Manufacturing
  • Data centers
  • Turbine & Power Stations
  • Automotive
  • Mining

Design, Installation & Service

3S Incorporated can be your partner every step of the way if you are interested in installing a water mist system in your facility. We have a highly qualified design staff who have years of experience designing fire protection systems for industrial and commercial spaces. Our team can install your water mist system and provide inspections, testing and repairs when needed.

Highlighted Water Mist Fire Suppression Projects:

We have installed water mist fire suppression in a variety of applications. View some of the water mist systems we have installed.

3S Incorporated has been providing water mist fire suppression systems to the industrial and commercial marketplace to address the need for minimal damage, fast reaction and low environment impact. Contact us today to get started by filling out a no obligation request for quote or calling 513-202-5070. We bring innovation to fire protection systems to customers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a water mist fire suppression system work?

A water mist fire protection system uses very fine water droplets to control and extinguish a fire. Water mist is drawn into the fire where it vaporizes displacing oxygen, cools the fuel, and blocks radiant heat.

Who uses water mist systems?

Water mist fire suppression systems are used in applications that are looking for an alternative for traditional fire sprinklers and CO2 fire suppression systems. Water mist systems can be found in electrical rooms, pickling lines, generator rooms and data centers.

What are the environmental advantages of water mist suppression systems?

One of the main advantages is that these systems use significantly less water than fire sprinkler systems. In addition, these systems contain no hazardous chemicals, so they cause no harm to the environment.

Water mist vs. fire sprinklers: what’s the difference?

The main difference between water mist fire suppression systems and fire sprinkler are the size of the water droplets. Water mist systems use very fine water droplets to suppress a fire. The increased total surface area of the droplets absorb heat faster.  They use less water than traditional sprinklers and cause less water damage.

What are the benefits of water mist systems?

The benefits of water mist include minimized water damage, non-toxic and safe for humans, less water consumption, environmentally friendly, can be used on a wide variety of applications and are highly effective.

What is a water mist fire suppression system?

Water mist fire systems use very fine water droplets to suppress a fire. In a water mist system, water is discharged through specialized nozzles that create a mist or fog that suppresses a fire.

What is the difference between high, low, and intermediate pressure systems?

 NFPA 750 defines intermediate pressure systems as being between 175 psi and 500 psi while high pressure systems are 500 psi and up. Low pressure systems operate at around the same pressures as traditional sprinkler systems. Intermediate pressure water mist systems create droplet sizes of around 300-500 microns and high-pressure systems create 50-150 micron droplets. Water mist droplet sizes must be less than 1,000 microns in diameter.

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