Volvo Paint Shop


Electrostatic Paint Shop


Flame Detection, Gas Detection


HI-FOG Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems


Ridgeville, South Carolina

Fire Detection & Control Systems for Automotive

Fire Protection for Paint Shops and Paint Booths

Electrostatic Paint Shops are at a high risk of fires because paint is highly flammable and the quick movements of machinery can create sparks with the potential to ignite the paint. In the Volvo Car Fire Detection and Control System Project, 3S incorporated installed an Infrared Flame Detection System connected to a Marioff HI-FOG Water Mist Fire Suppression System to protect multiple paint booths at Volvo Car.

Control Systems for High Efficiency and Optimal Usage

The detection and suppression systems are all interfaced with our Notifier Control System. This Notifier Control System is in a custom enclosure designed by 3S Incorporated to be industrial with ease of maintenance in mind. The efficient cooling and limited water usage of the HI-FOG Water Mist Fire Suppression System minimizes damage and downtime after a fire. These features make the HI-FOG Water Mist Fire Suppression System great for large productions areas to prevent extensive damage to equipment and products. 

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