Fire Protection Provider in Valparaiso, IN

Industrial Fire Protection Systems and Services

As the Greater Chicago and Gary area’s industrial fire prevention experts, our teams at 3S Incorporated have worked with businesses in a range of industries, including:

  • automotive paint booths
  • power plants
  • oil and gas facilities
  • manufacturing plants
  • power plants
  • steel pickling lines and more.

Even in the most difficult scenarios, our team of engineers and designers can provide fire protection services to keep your business safe and in compliance with applicable codes. We specialize in high-risk and vital asset protection.

Sophisticated processes using combustible materials results in high-risk operations, which creates unique industrial specific hazards. In these critical industries, implementing effective industrial fire detection and suppression systems helps reduce the risk of fire-related incidents, protect important assets, and operational continuity.

Our industrial fire protection experts will design detection and suppression systems for any hazard. We are not afraid of new applications or problems; we will create a solution to meet your needs. 3S Incorporated takes pride in being a market innovator, and we continue to push system manufacturers to create the best products for your needs. 3S Incorporated is your dependable Valparaiso fire protection services provider.

Fire Detection, Alarms, Mass Notification, and Suppression Systems

Fire detection, alarm, and notification systems are designed to detect and notify occupants of a fire, allowing for a quick evacuation. They can also be used with other safety systems, such as wide area voice, or mass notification, to provide a comprehensive industrial fire protection solution. We collaborate with a variety of fire alarm manufacturers, including Notifier, Fike, Det-tronics, Kidde-Fenwal, and Ansul/JCI.

Along with detection, alarm, and notification, 3S Incorporated has Valparaiso fire protection services experts with the skills and expertise to install a wide range of fire suppression systems, including water mist, clean agent, foam fire suppression, hybrid water mist, aerosol, CO2, and many others, to protect your facilities.

Fire Protection Design, Inspection, and Repair

3S Incorporated can meet your Valparaiso fire protection service needs. With over thirty years of industry experience, our industrial fire prevention consulting and engineering services will help you design and install a compliance system for your application. We offer complete installation, integration, inspection, and service for your 3S installed or existing systems, as well as design and specification writing services.

Our Valparaiso-based staff can assist you if you require an industrial fire protection system in the Great Chicago and Gary, Indiana areas. We supply systems for a wide range of industrial applications as the area's fire prevention provider. Contact 3S Incorporated today to learn more about the systems and services we provide.