Striving to Keep Employees & Job Sites Safe

3S Incorporated along with parent company APi Group, Inc. have implemented a safety commitment to our employees and customers to strive for zero incidents within our work environment. Keeping our employees and the job sites safe lowers long term costs by keeping projects on schedule and our employees’ injury free today and tomorrow.

Our Steps program (Striving towards excellence and professionalism in safety) and the training we provide our employees helps us achieve less incidents year to year as we strive for EMR rate of 0.

Keeping Our Employees Safe:

  • We work with our team members to treat each other like family and care for each other like family. Every member of the 3S team is responsible for the next team member and keeping each other accountable and safe on the job.
  • Every team member has the authority to stop someone from doing their job if the situation is unsafe.
  • We provide ongoing safety trainings throughout the year and as needed if new situations arise.
  • We never stop worrying about safety for our team members.

Keeping Our Job Sites Safe:

  • We do not compromise on the jobsite, we do not take shortcuts or put anyone in the position to work under undue pressure.
  • Each job site has a safety analysis conducted so all team members are aware of any new hazards within a job site.
  • We preplan and schedule out projects carefully to reduce on the job incidents, injuries or illness.
  • Apply responsibility to all team members to ensure safe working environments.

3S Incorporated installs and services fire suppression systems in environments that are considered high risk, our team needs to be strive to limit any additional risks as we service our customers.