Commercial Fire Protection Projects

Whether it’s a detection system for heat, smoke, or flame or a specialized suppression system, 3S Incorporated has you covered. View our commercial projects to learn more about our experience. Some of our latest projects included installation of flame and linear heat detection systems as well as FM200, high & low-pressure CO2 and high expansion foam suppression systems. We have worked to design and install fire protection systems for special hazards including turbine test chambers, aircraft hangars, rack rooms, and hazardous waste storage rooms. Contact us to learn more!

Some of the fire protection systems we have designed and installed for commercial buildings include:

  • Low-pressure CO2 fire suppression systems
  • High-pressure CO2 fire suppression
  • Smoke, Flame and Heat detection
  • Linear heat detection systems
  • High expansion foam for aircraft hangars
  • FM-200 Clean agent fire suppression
  • SAPPHIRE fire suppression for electrical rooms
  • Photoelectric Smoke Detection, Beam Smoke Detection, VESDA smoke detection

3S Incorporated designs and installs fire suppression and detection systems. We can provide special hazards systems for a wide variety of commercial applications. Our team can work with IT rooms, electrical rooms, museums and more.

View some of our commercial projects below: