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North American Stainless Low Pressure CO2 and Foam Fire Suppression

North American Stainless is expanding their business and are on their way to becoming the largest fully integrated producer of stainless steel in the United States. A fire would be devastating in their progression to becoming the leading provider of stainless steel in the Western Hemisphere. In order to protect the empire that they are creating and limit production downtime in the event of a fire, North American Stainless worked with 3S Incorporated to install a low-pressure CO2 fire suppression system.

How Does Low-Pressure CO2 Suppression Work?

The low-pressure CO2 system suppresses a fire by displacing oxygen in the entire room to sufficiently suppress both surface and internal fires. This is done by storing the CO2 in a large, refrigerated tank until a fire is detected. Then, the CO2 is dispersed as a gas to displace oxygen and suppress the fire. Also included in this project was the installation of a foam fire suppression system. The foam in this fire suppression system works by soaking the “fuel” so that the fire can no longer use it to continue burning. If there is no fuel, there is no fire. Both of these work together to securely protect the North American Stainless company and machinery from fire damage. These fire suppression systems are among the most innovative fire suppression systems for industrial industries to date and work well in other high hazard, industrial areas. Contact us today for more information about how 3S Incorporated can protect your industrial facility in the event of a fire.

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