Minghua USA Inc. Paint Shop


Plastic Mold Parts Paint Shop


Flame Detection, Gas Detection, Heat Detection


Automatic Water Deluge


Greer, South Carolina

Automotive Paint Booth Fire Protection System

Special Hazard Fire Suppression 

3S Incorporated worked with Minghua USA Incorporated, one of the largest suppliers of plastic mold parts in China’s automotive industry, to detect and suppress fires in the Minghua Paint Shop. The Minghua Paint Shop is a high hazard area because of the flammability of the paint and the automated electrostatic painting equipment.

Design, Install, and Service Your Fire Protection System

3S Incorporated designed and installed flame, gas, & heat detection, automatic water deluge suppression, and necessary controls to protect the Minghua Paint Shop. The detection, suppression, and necessary controls in the Minghua Paint Shop will work well in other Paint Shops and areas where flammable materials are widely used. 

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