Ford KTP Paint Shop


Automatic electrostatic painting zones


Flame and combustible gas


Automatic water deluge


Louisville, Kentucky

Ford KTP Paint Shop Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

3S Incorporated worked with Ford Kentucky Truck Plant to update their fire protection systems. The Ford Kentucky Truck Plant manufacturers the Ford F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550 Trucks as well as a couple other SUVs. As part of their manufacturing process they have different painting zones for the painting of the vehicles.

These painting zones or paint booths, needed fire and combustible gas detection systems and automatic water deluge fire suppression systems. Special hazards fire protection systems are required for paint booths because the electrostatic paint that is used is hazardous and can create dangerous fires. 3S designed and installed all the detection, suppression and necessary controls for the new paint booths and associated equipment.

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