Fire Detection Systems for Industrial Facilities

Fire Detection Systems for Industrial Facilities

Smoke, Gas, Flame & Heat Detection

Along with fire alarm, mass notifications systems and fire suppression systems, 3S Incorporated offers a variety of industrial fire detection solutions that fit all applications. Detection systems can help detect a developing fire and notify occupants of an emergency. These systems can help reduce property damage and personnel injuries within your buildings. From standard smoke detection to optical flame detection we can design and install a detection method appropriate for the hazard.

We offer the following detection methods:

  • Smoke detection
  • Heat detection
  • Flame detection
  • Combustible and toxic gas detection
  • Beam detection
  • Linear detection
  • Air sampling systems or aspirating smoke detection

Each technology has different benefits. Flame detection generates a fast response from the suppression system while a gas detection system can be used to shut down a system if needed. Aspirating smoke detection is used in a computer or server room to detect a fire at an initial start. Linear heat is used in an area that is very dirty such as a mine facility.

Early Warning Fire Detection Systems

Detecting a fire in its incipient stage is very important, especially for high value processes, equipment and facilities. At 3S Incorporated, we can provide early warning fire detection systems, such as VESDA aspirating smoke detection. This form of fire detection can detect the presence of particles in the early stages of combustion before smoke is even visible. This allows for time to initiate an appropriate response to the fire.

Applications for Gas Detection Systems

A gas detection system is used in refrigerants in automotive, propane, diesel, liquid gas or carbon monoxide applications. The detection system can be used to help with process control and turn on ventilation systems or shut down systems when needed. These systems help maintain overall productivity and notify building occupants if action is required.

3S Incorporated has installed numerous aspirating smoke detection or linear heat detection systems for high rack storage, automated warehouses, robot automated and freezer facilities. These systems provide a quick response to any fire and can limit damage to your assets.

Highlighted Fire Detection System Projects:

3S Incorporated has installed a variety of fire detection systems in the commercial and industrial marketplaces. Check out some of the projects where we have installed fire detection systems.

Industrial Fire Detection System Services

The 3S team consists of highly qualified NICET certified designers and engineers. We participate in manufacturer training, can design any fire and gas detection system, and inspect and service all systems installed. We have offices in the Midwest, South Carolina, Texas, and Mexico and have worked with customers around the world. If you are interested in getting a cost estimate for a fire detection system, we can put together a custom quote for your application. Pricing of fire detection systems will vary based on the application and the complexity of the system.

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