TMMBC AC & Fuel Fill

TMMBC AC & Fuel Fill

Automotive Fire & Gas Detection Systems

Location: Baja California, Mexico

Hazard: R1234yf refrigerant and fuel fill
Detection: Flame, combustible gas, duct smoke, and R1234yf refrigerant

Special Hazard Fire Protection!

There are many fire hazards in the manufacturing of an automobile. 3S has years of experience working with manufacturers to protect their assets from people to manufacturing processes and the final product. We had the pleasure to work with Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California to install fire and gas detection systems for vehicle AC & fuel fill line. The hazards with AC lines is the R1234yf refrigerant, while of course the fuel line of the vehicle. We installed detection systems that can quickly respond to the detection of flame, combustible gas, duct smoke and the refrigerant. 

3S has the fire protection services you need for your industry that will meet all industry standards for codes for your special hazard.  We are your industrial fire protection company and have the experience to prove it.  Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote.