Dearborn Works Dearborn Works Hybrid Water Mist System


Steel pickling line, acid tanks, exhaust ducts, pulpits, electrical rooms and building fire alarm


Flame, heat and smoke


Victaulic Vortex hybrid water mist using bulk and cylinder nitrogen supplies


Dearborn, Michigan

Victaulic Vortex Water Mist System for Dearborn Works

Dearborn Works facility provides a high hazardous production services for AK Steel such as carbon steel melting, casting, rolling and finishing services. These are considered hazardous in the fire protection industry because of the potential for fire. We designed a Victaulic Vortex hybrid water mist fire suppression system that protects multiple different hazards within the facility. We also created several standalone Vortex systems protecting smaller rooms. Vortex hybrid water mist systems are great for areas with machinery as its technology limits the amount of wetness on the equipment. Vortex systems can quickly be recharged and ready to use again. These systems also work effectively in open areas.

Water mist suppression systems are an effective solution for steel manufacturing facilities because they:

  • Minimize water damage
  • Are highly effective
  • Have immediate activation
  • Leave no toxic reside
  • Are environmentally safe

Serving our customers is our #1 priority. With our 24/7 emergency response team, we will be able to help you whenever an issue arises with your fire protection system, no matter when it does.