Protecting Pickling Lines of Steel Manufacturing

Fire Protection Systems Ready for Activation Immediately

3S Incorporated is the industry’s innovator when it comes to protecting pickling lines from the damage of a fire.

Providing over 30 years of fire suppression systems in the industrial marketplace, we understand the ins and outs of steel manufacturing and the importance of protecting all aspects of your manufacturing systems from the dangers of a fire. A steel pickling line has a high risk of fire due to the acid tank and exhaust ductwork plastic construction. Partnering with Victaulic, we developed the application of Vortex water mist fire suppression systems for steel pickling lines and exhaust ducts.

Each pickling line is unique to the company’s application and will require a custom designed fire suppression system. The fire suppression system will protect both inside and outside the tanks. The goal is to minimize the fire hazard, potential damage, and downtime. Our fire suppression systems include optical flame and heat detection to detect a fire and activate the Vortex water mist fire suppression system. This system is fast responding and uses very little water, minimizing containment requirements and the potential water weight in ductwork.

Highlighted Steel Pickling Line Projects

View some of the fire protection projects we have worked on in the steel industry.

Protecting Your Facilities

If needed, 3S can provide you with all of your fire suppression needs for your entire facility. We have the team and experience to provide systems for paint booths, manufacturing lines, high value machinery, control rooms, and more. We design, install, inspect, and provide services and repair to customers in the United States and worldwide.

A pickling line down means less output for you, installing the latest state of the art fire suppression systems will keep your downtime to a minimum. Contact 3S today to learn more about fire suppression systems for pickling lines and steel manufacturing.