Vortex Hybrid Water Mist System for Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK)


Steel Pickle Line


Infared Flame Detection, Heat Detection


Victaulic Vortex Hybrid Water Mist Fire Suppression System


Farrell, Pennsylvania

Novolipetsk Steel Pickle Line Engineering

3S Incorporated installed Victaulic Vortex Hybrid Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems to detect and suppress fires for Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK), one of the top 20 steel producing companies according to the World Steel Association. The Vortex system is excellent for use in a steel pickle line because of its highly efficient cooling capability combined with the simultaneous ability to inert the atmosphere. Additionally, the Vortex system is 100% safe for facility personnel and 100% green for the environment. These systems perform well in both open, exterior areas and closed, interior areas to cohesively protect a facility from fire. This fire prevention system design can be implemented in other large scale facilities with hazardous production. For more information on how the Victaulic Vortex Hybrid Water Mist Fire Suppression System can work in your industrial facility, Contact us today!

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