Emergency Mass Notification Systems

Emergency Mass Notification Systems

As technology advances and ways to communicate changes, many buildings or manufacturing campuses are installing mass notification systems in place of a standard building fire alarm. A mass notification system is essentially a fire alarm system on steroids. The advantage of a mass notification system is that it immediately notifies end users of a situation and how to proceed.

Mass notification systems are now required in some industries such as government and hospitality. This isn’t surprising as it can be used for any emergency application such as fire, weather, chemical spills, medical emergency, intruder or terrorist situations. Mass notification allows you to custom tailor responses to specific danger areas and maintain production in others.

A mass notification system is custom designed based around the needs of your applications. Notifying occupants via a mass notification system can be done by phone calls, text messages, emails, loud speaker / intercom, graphic board messaging and more. Based on the needs of your facilities, we can work with you to ensure all assets within your buildings and campuses are notified properly.

Mass Notification Systems Design & Installation by 3S

We can meet your needs for mass notification systems, voice command and the integration of various types of fire alarm systems into a head-end graphics package. Our systems have a central computer workstation with a graphically designed system that allows you to control the messaging to each specific building. For example, evacuate one building while “lock-down” another.

Our systems can be installed in a campus wide application and is not limited to the actual size of the campus. The central station controls mass notification via email, text message and phone while each building can have a unique paging system for that location.

We can design and provide the equipment or integrate it within a suppression system. 3S uses the #1 manufacturer for mass notification, Notifier, as our equipment supplier.

Highlighted Mass Notification Projects

Check out some of our highlighted mass notification system projects below.

Cost Estimates for Mass Notification Systems

3S Incorporated will work with you to develop a mass notification system that is tailored to your needs. Depending on the type of system and the application, the pricing of a mass notification system will vary. If you are interested in working with us for mass notification, we can put together a quote that is based off the needs of your facility. Request a quote from 3S Incorporated today for a cost estimate on a mass notification system.