General Motors Arlington Assembly


GM Arlington Corporate Fire Watch and Evacuation System


Photoelectric Smoke Detection, Gas Detection, Heat Detection, Infrared Detection


Upgraded Notifier Alarm System


Arlington, Texas

Automotive Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Upgrade

3S Incorporated provided the “parts and smarts” for General Motors Arlington Assembly to create a large-scale fire alarm upgrade for their facility. Our “parts and smarts” to upgrade this large-scale fire alarm system means that we designed the upgraded fire alarm system to include the latest and greatest fire notification and detection technology possible, provided our custom enclosures and all other equipment in the design, and programmed the added devices based off of the fire alarm design. This large-scale fire alarm system upgrade was custom designed for the General Motors Arlington Assembly facility to quickly and effectively alert all people in the facility of a fire so that they can evacuate. Contact us today to consult with us about upgrading the fire alarm system in your facility with the most cutting edge technology available!

Serving our customers is our #1 priority. With our 24/7 emergency response team, we will be able to help you whenever an issue arises with your fire protection system, no matter when it does.