FE 13: A Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

FE 13 is used in clean agent fire suppression systems when flooding an entire room that has people inside is necessary. It is also a fire protection system that can handle variable temperature changes so it does not need to be a temperature-controlled rooms or facilities. This is a clean, safe, environmentally noncontaminating fire protectant used for many different Class A, Class B, and Class C fires. They are electrically non-conductive as well so they work for a variety of fire protection needs.

FE 13 Fire Suppression System Applications:

  • Data storage centers
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Areas with highly sensitive assets
  • Facilities that work with flammable liquids
  • Computer rooms

Safe For People, Safe For the Environment

Fire protection systems from the past used Halon as their fire suppressant but these were phased out due to the damage they were doing to the ozone layer. FE 13 and FM 200 are two of the clean agent fire suppressants created in its place that are safe to the environment and also safe for people inside the enclosed space.

We Install Clean Agent Fire Protection Systems

3S Incorporated is a full-service fire protection company has been working with companies the industrial marketplace for over 30 years. We have designed and installed systems across the United States and also worldwide. 3S Incorporated strives to provide the best possible protection of your critical processes, business assets, and people. Our NICET certified engineers and designers will work with you to design a clean agent fire protection system that will help protect your employees, assets, and your facilities no matter what the special hazard is you work with.

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