Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Argonite is a type of clean agent fire suppressant that has replaced the older halons that were used for fire suppressants and they not have the same ozone depleting properties the halons had. Argonite is not toxic nor is a greenhouse gas. It is in fact comprised of two gases that are in the atmosphere so the depletion rate is zero. It is comprised of 50% argon and 50% nitrogen. It is non-corrosive, electrically non-conductive, odorless, and does not leave residue behind when dispersed. Since there is no residue left behind, the cleanup is expedited and the time it will take to become operational is much quicker.

Fire Protection for Highly Sensitive Areas

Argonite as a fire suppressant is most commonly used in data centers, computer centers, and other enclosed rooms that contain highly sensitive components or materials. When the system is triggered, it fills the room rapidly with Argonite which will deplete the oxygen in the room to low levels which will effectively remove the combustibility of an active fire. The low levels of oxygen left are sustainable to humans over a short period of time giving them a duration of time, usually under a minute, to clear out of a room. If a larger room, a delay can be built into the system to give them enough time to clear the room safely as well before the system will begin dispersing the fire suppressant.

Worldwide Fire Protection Specialist

3S Incorporated is a full-service fire protection contractor that works with companies across the United States and worldwide. We offer fire protection systems that will meet the specifications of any companies needs. From fire suppression systems that use Argonite or FM200, control systems, mass communications systems, fire detection systems, and much more, 3S Inc has got you covered. With offices in Ohio, Indiana, and Mexico, our NICET certified design technicians will help you from the initial inquiry through the final stages of the project. We also service and maintain fire protection systems and have a 24-hour emergency response team should the need arise. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.