VESDA Smoke Detection System for Alcoa


Electrical Substation, Switch, and Motor Rooms


Aspirating Smoke Detection


VESDA Smoke Detection


Newburgh, Indiana

Alcoa Smoke Detection

Machines in the aluminum refinement and production process are at a high risk of overheating and catching on fire. Working with manufacturing leader Alcoa, 3S Incorporated installed systems to help prevent the loss of equipment due to overheating. We provided early warning aspirating smoke detection (VESDA) in the electrical rooms to alert personnel of equipment overheating or fire. The VESDA aspirating smoke detection constantly samples the air to sense for smoke at extremely low levels to detect a fire before it has time to cause large amounts of damage. VESDA detectors buy the time needed to prevent injury and property damage from a fire. To learn more about how VESDA Smoke Detection systems can work for you, Contact us today!

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