BH2 UPS Replacement Room


Smoke Detection


Ansul NOVEC 1230 System with Notifier 320 Panel


Mount Vernon, Indiana

Sabic BH2 UPS Replacement Room

3S Incorporated worked with Sabic, an innovative chemical manufacturing company that works with chemicals and intermediates, industrial polymers, fertilizers, and metals, to install an Ansul NOVEC 1230 system with Notifier 320 panels to protect a BH2 UPS Replacement Room. We provided the “parts and smarts” for Sabic, meaning that we designed the upgraded fire alarm system to include the latest and greatest fire notification and detection technology possible, provided our custom enclosures and all other equipment in the design, and programmed the added devices based off of the fire suppression system design. The implementation of the Ansul NOVEC 1230 System with Notifier 320 Panel provided protection to Sabic’s BH2 UPS Replacement Room by using 3M Novec 1230 fire protection fluid for total flooding to suppress a fire. The 3M Novec fire protection fluid doesn’t deplete the ozone, lasts in the atmosphere for only five days, and has a global warming potential of 1.0, making it environmentally safe. Along with being environmentally safe, the fluid suppresses a fire quickly before it can become fully engaged and then evaporates to prevent damage to equipment in a facility. For more information on how the Ansul NOVEC 1230 System works and its applications, Contact us today!

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