Moyer Elementary School


IT Room


Photoelectric Smoke Detection


FM-200 Fire Suppression System


Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Moyer Elementary School IT Room Fire Suppression

Moyer Elementary School, a National Blue Ribbon School, prides itself on their implementation of technology in the classroom to enhance learning past what is capable with a pencil and paper. They have introduced iPads into their classrooms to more actively engage students in their learning and teach them computer skills necessary for the 21st century. The Moyer Elementary IT room provides all of the internet access needed to keep these iPads Functioning throughout the school day. Without the IT room, the new technologically integrated education system would fail. Moyer Elementary School recognized this and enlisted 3S Incorporated to install an FM-200 Fire Suppression System to protect their electronic equipment in the event of a fire. The FM-200 Fire Suppression System is perfect for an IT room because it absorbs heat by vaporizing upon discharge to rapidly suppress fires. This vaporization upon discharge means a reduced threat of water damage to electronics! Less damage means less downtime after a fire and less time away from education. Additionally, the FM-200 system has zero ozone depletion, meaning that it is environmentally friendly. Along with IT rooms, the FM-200 system can be used for telecommunication sites, data centers, archives, oil and gas facilities, power plants, and other sensitive areas at risk of a fire. Contact us for more information on FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems for your company.

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